We offer a combination of Open and Private Courses, for more information about the difference between our Private and Open courses please click here.

Open Courses

We offer a selection of Open Courses and on each individual course page you'll find the relevant course price. Included in that price is the free hire, and use of, any safety equipment required for the course.

Private Courses

All of the necessary safety equipment is included in the price and the maximum number of people you can bring along is dependent on the course and activity you choose. Please see individual course pages for more details regarding each individual courses maximum ratio.

Private Course Pricing Plan

Summer Rate

1 Person £200 per day

2 People £105 per person, per day

Winter Rate

1 Person £250 per day

2 People £130 per person, per day


For groups of 3 or more then please contact us to discuss your options.

Please Note- Our Summer and Winter rates don't relate to the time of year that you book, they relate to the type of course- ie winter climbing is priced according to winter rate and rock climbing is priced according to our summer rate