Who's it for?

This course is designed for those with little, or no, experience of climbing that want to develop a solid foundation of good climbing movement technique.

Whats Covered?

Our Fundamental Series comprises of four progressive coaching sessions tailored to your ability and aspirations. The sessions are run over a four to six week period on dates that suit you. Every session focuses on a specific aspect of fundamental climbing movement technique:

  • Footwork Finesse
  • Slabs & Wall Climbing Techniques
  • Overhang Climbing Techniques
  • Dynamic Movement

All safety equipment is provided free of charge, including rock climbing shoes.

Course Location

The Climbing Works, Sheffield.

Course Ratio

This course is run with up to a maximum of two clients to one instructor.

Group sessions, maximum six people, can be arranged so please contact us for more details.

Course Duration

Four Progressive (2 hour) Coaching Sessions


1 person £140 (£35 per session)

2 people £90 per person (£22.50 per person, per session)

Please Note- the course price includes the climbing wall entry fee.


To make a booking please contact us to secure some dates and we'll then send you the necessary payment information.