Top Tips: How to Make a Free (ish) DWS Chalkbag

Having been an advocate of deep water soloing for many years means I've had my fair share of splashdowns and with that comes the inevitable wet shoes and wet chalkbags. The wet shoes are fine but I got fed up of having to dry out wet chalkbags- maybe I should get better at climbing and fall off less.

Electric Blue, Rhoscolyn

Usually when you go deep water soloing you have to take a couple of chalkbags with you as once their wet you need to switch to a new one. A solution I've come up with means you only need one and once it's wet you can simply towel it dry, pop some new chalk in and keep on climbing.

My Homemade DWS Chalkbag

It's nearly free to make, and good for the environment, as your recycling a used milk bottle. All you need to do is cut the top off the milk bottle, pop two holes in the side and thread some cord through to use as a belt, job done. As it's plastic it holds its shape well, so it's easy to chalk up and if it gets wet then just towel it dry, pop some more chalk in and keep on climbing.