Climbing Notice: No Ab Stakes at Sentinel Zawn

Sentinel Zawn, Pembrokeshire

There are currently no stakes to ab off, or belay from, at Sentinel Zawn in Pembrokeshire.

Having headed to Sentinel Zawn tonight for some post work cragging, we discovered that the two separate ab stakes that are needed for abseiling, and belays, are not safe to use. Being only a very minor crag this will only have a small impact on those climbers heading off the beaten track, fortunately as it's Pembroke there's loads of other great routes nearby. 

The first one that we checked moved a considerable amount and we were able to remove this one by hand. 

We also checked the second stake which was so degraded that it bent in our hands.

Potentially the first stake could be placed again, but we din't have a hammer/mallet with us so we went deep water soloing instead. The second stake needs removing and a new one placing.

We've informed the local B.M.C. area rep about the current situation.

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Jacob Phillips

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